Go Possess the Land

Walking in Destiny on Purpose

Go Possess the Land Show

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Darlene M. Jackson

Darlene M. Jackson was born in the suburbs of Baltimore County, Maryland. Darlene is a mother of 5 millennial daughters and six grandchildren. Her passion is to inspire and motivate people to walk in purpose and fulfillment. Darlene is an Author, Speaker, Coach, Minister and Entrepreneur. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree, in Business Management, from the university of Phoenix. While completing her formal education, she worked in various aspects of the mortgage finance industry for over eighteen years as a Mortgage Loan Originator.  

She is also HUD approved, certified pre-purchase and foreclosure prevention counsellor. Her expertise, infusing content, with current economic trends and climate she provides practical tools to educate individuals on the home buying or refinance process and how to prevent foreclosure. Darlene provides credit restoration to her clients to better prepare then to purchase a new home.

She has a passion for seeing people fulfill their dreams and for walking victoriously in destiny on purpose!

Go Possess the Land

Walking in Destiny on Purpose

What are the dreams or visions that you are yet to fulfill? Have you lost your passion and drive? Are you looking for a change and you do not know where to start? what are your God-given talents, skills and abilities? Through this 21-day journey we will look at the strength and courage of ordinary men and women of the Bible, who have accomplished extraordinary acts! You too will be empowered to walk in destiny on purpose and bring those dreams and visions to a reality.

Extraordinary lady with an extraordinary gift for writing

Barbara Watts

I know what to call you now "woman of valor".
Thank you for sharing with us what God has gifted you for, to teach us how to "possess the land"

Teresa Taylor

I'm reading your book and I can't put it down

Irene Mosby

Darlene is available for various types of women's conferences and empowerment events

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